Meet the Author

Giselle Sitdykova

About Giselle

Meet Giselle Sitdykova, a seasoned authority in the realms of Personal Finance, Investing, and Mortgages, boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades.

Giselle's journey commenced with roles as an Accountant and Real Estate Agent, laying the foundation for her comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape...

Professional Journey

Her expertise flourished during her tenure of over five years at PennyMac Financial Services, where Giselle assumed leadership of a dynamic team of analysts. Under her guidance, they developed cutting-edge tools and models, setting new standards in the industry...

Real Estate Ventures

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Giselle is a real estate investor and entrepreneur, bringing a unique blend of practical experience and strategic insight to her writing. Her articles not only reflect her wealth of knowledge but also resonate with a hands-on understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the financial and real estate realms.